Does $50 cover the whole weekend?

Do I have to bring a laptop?
Yes but we have some loaners.

Do I need to download software? YES!

GNU Image Manipulation Program(GIMP)(http://www.gimp.org/downloads/)
Needs to be installed from home(online download)

What are the ages of the participants?
12-17 but were not checking IDs

Do I have to bring my kid all weekend?
If you are not coming then try bringing them at the beginning of the day.

Do I have to be present if my kids there?
You’re welcome to stay but you can drop your child off.

Will food be served?
Yes, continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served throughout the day. If your child has dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly. We will have vegetarian options but not gluten free.

Where is the event located?
Sierra College , Rocklin Ca.
. See ticket for event details.

Are your teachers and volunteers Live Scanned?
No, but we have really good people in our community.

What will the youth be learning?
See the schedule page. (coming soon)

Can I volunteer?
Yes, of course. Email [email protected] for more info

Can I donate food or drinks!
Yes, please bring them in