Introduction to Electronics with Arduino
Description coming soon

Simple Game Programming with Ruby(2 sessions)
Learn the basics of computer programming as you create simple games in the Ruby language. You’ll make a high-low guessing game and Magic 8 Ball. No previous programming experience is necessary.

Basics of SWIFT (Programming class)
Learn to make an iOS App.

Beginning Electronics
Voltage? Current? Ohm’s Law? Do these words mean anything to you? Yes or No, if you want learn more about the underlying concepts of electronics that govern all of the devices we use, then come to this dicussion session covering basic electronics.

Learning Raspberry Pi
Description coming soon

Learn 3D Printing!
Is this session you will learn about 3D Printing. Learn about what it takes to go from an idea to a printed object, and even see a 3D printer in action!

3D Modeling with SketchUp

SketchUp is a program that can be used to quickly create 3D models. Learn the basics of 3D sketch based modeling and bring your creations to life!

Digital Modeling with Sculptris
Sculptris is a free program that is used to create 3 dimensional objects. You start with a ball and use various tools to shape it, much like a ball of clay. Come see what you can create!

How a Calculator Works
Description coming soon

Intro to Graphic Design
Description coming soon